Application Process

So what exactly is required for you to get your ATPL and how does the application process work? Refer to CAR 421.34.


421.34 Aeroplanes – Requirements

(1) Age21 or over

(2) Medical Fitness – Category 1

(3) Knowledge – SAMRA and SARON completed within the past two years. The two exams can be outside of the regular two year mark if you have a valid PPC.

(4) Experience – 

1500 hours (900 in airplanes)

250 hours PIC of which: 100 hours is XC, 25 out of the 100 is night XC.

100 hours at night as PIC or Co-Pilot. Minimum 30 must be in airplanes.

100 additional hours of XC PIC or 200 hours XC as Co-Pilot. The PIC time can be part of the 250 as above.

75 hours instrument time, maximum of 25 hours of sim time can be counted.

(5) Skill  A MIFR PPC in an approved simulator (example an A320 Level D Sim) or a MIFR in an aircraft within the past year.

Applying for the Licence

1) Take your logbook with you to the Transport Canada Office.*

2) Possibly call ahead to make sure an inspector will be there. Not necessary but can help.

3) If your SAMRA and SARON exams expire**, make sure the application for the ATPL is submitted before they expire.

4) If possible, bring reports of your SAMRA, SARON, and last MIFR flight test report.

5) Try and pay the licensing fee ahead of time. The phone number for Transport Canada Fee Payment is 1-800-305-2059.

6) Get’er done!

*If you have multi crew time on a single pilot aircraft, have your Chief Pilot fill out the following form. Click Here (word doc).

**Any pilot who has completed the SAMRA and SARON as part of an Integrated ATPL Program should have a copy of their Credentials with them when they apply to prove the exams are valid for 5 years. Transport Canada MAY have this on file, call to confirm.

Getting the Sticker

The sticker does not go where normal ratings get signed off. The sticker goes in one of the blank spots on pages 3 or 4 of your aviation document booklet.

On a side note, you are allowed to smile in the photo for your document booklet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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