Lesson Plans

Look in the flight instructor guide, and there is no text on how to make lesson plans. Only guidance material saying, include this or do this to satisfy this learning factor. No templates, nothing. Here, we will go through the basic template of a PGI (preparatory ground instruction) lesson which will allow you to create …

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The Threshold Knowledge Test

What exercises will be covered to a higher degree of proficiency in future Lesson Plans? Why is it important?   Ø  Learning factor of readiness Ø  Ensures students have required background knowledge to gain full benefit from today’s lesson Ø  Allows instructor to conduct review if required Ø  Can be modified depending on student aptitude and length of time between lessons     What does it include?   Ø  Questions related to material from previous …

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In-Flight Technique

When conducting in flight teaching there should never be any doubt as to who has control of the aircraft. As pilot-in-command you will always have final authority as to who has control. To avoid ambiguity, be firm and use statements like “your control” or “I have control.” While the student has control do not “ride” …

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