All Ratings for Post PPL

Flight Ins Guide

Below are the links to the Flight Instructor Guide (all in a new window.) You can also get to this webpage by visiting www.canprc.ca/fig The following link will open the PDF version of the Flight Instructor Guide. Here. This link opens the Flight Instructor Guide in it’s HTML format on Transport Canada’s website. Here. Part I …

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Flight Instructor Rating

This category of articles contains information to assist commercial pilots in becoming Qualified Flight Instructors. In the future we plan on making available personal In-Flight Instruction Notes and PGIs to assist new Flight Instructors. Depending on the financial status of the website, this may become a payed premium feature of the website. If you are …

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Multi Rating

An article helping students obtain their multi ratings would be here, however no such resources have been gathered at this point. If you would like to contribute to this article, please e-mail the administrator via the above “Contact Us” webpage. All of this information on pilot training and flight training in Canada is also available …

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Seaplane Rating

  1.  Pre–Flight Inspection Pre-flight inspection of a floatplane is generally similar to that of a land plane. The major difference is the inspection of the floats. Floats, wires, attachment gear and ropes must be thoroughly checked for holes, buckling, damaged fittings and extensive wear. Any damage should be reported to your instructor to determine a course …

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Night Rating

The following article is designed to be an introduction into night flying and can be used to compliment preparatory ground instruction from a flight instructor. Night flying can be very fun and enjoyable for pilots and passengers alike due to more smooth air and more flexibility in your flying schedule. Special considerations must be given …

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Post PPL

This section includes all information related to ratings which are available in the post PPL stages of flight training. All of this information on pilot training and flight training in Canada is also available at www.myflighttraining.ca.