Exercise 5 – Attitudes and Movements

This is the first lesson towards your flying career. In this lesson you will practice basic flying maneuvers. This includes an effective lookout, the cruise attitude and various other attitudes and movements. The instructor will demonstrate these maneuvers and provide you with an opportunity to practice them.

When you do exercise 5 you may find that your instructor will also combine exercises 1, 2 and 4 in this lesson as well.


Reference Material

• FTM (Flight Training Manual)

• Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)


• Review the POH for the external inspection and cockpit layout of your aircraft.

• Be able to answer the following questions:

1. Name the types of attitudes and movements.

2. Describe a proper lookout technique.

3. What control movements does each surface produce? How?

4. Name the three axis’ of the aircraft and define the movements about them.

5. Define the cruise attitude.

• Write down your questions!

• Prior to meeting with your instructor ensure the following:

You’ve read the required material

Tips/Rules of Thumb/Theory

• Don’t ride the brakes during taxiing (heels on the floor!)

• If you can’t jog at that speed then you are taxiing too fast.

• Your focus should be outside the aircraft, not inside! Reference the horizon and keep a

good lookout constantly.

• Every manoeuvre must start with a proper look out.

• All aircraft attitudes are relative to the cruise attitude. This is also known as the reference attitude.

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