Exercise 6 – Straight and Level Flight

In this lesson you will continue to practice the basic flying maneuvers. The instructor will demonstrate these maneuvers and provide you with the opportunity to practice them.


Planned Activities

• Exercises 2, 4, 5 and 6 in the Flight Training Manual

Reference Material

• FTM (Flight Training Manual)


• Review the POH for the external inspection and cockpit layout of your aircraft.

• Be able to answer the following questions:

1) How often should you reset a heading indicator? Why?

2) How would you accelerate the aircraft from 90 knots to 105 knots?

3) Define straight flight.

4) Define level flight.

5) Describe the phases of flight in which the compass is unreliable & the errors it is subject to

• Review the formula “Attitude + Power = Performance”

• Write down your questions

Tips/Rules of Thumb/Theory

• Don’t ride the brakes during taxiing (heels on the floor!)

• If you can’t jog at that speed then you are taxiing too fast.

• Every manoeuvre must start with a proper look out!

• 100 RPM = 5 knots

• Your focus should be outside the aircraft, not inside! Reference the horizon and keep a good lookout constantly.

• Attitude + Power = Performance

• When flying, take your hand off the control column from time to time to make sure the aircraft is properly trimmed (LOOK for uncommented pitch changes)

All of this information on pilot training and flight training in Canada is also available at www.myflighttraining.ca.