Exercise 9 – Turns

In this lesson you will continue to fly and practice the basic flight maneuvers. You will normally practice climbs and descents in conjunction with this lesson of gentle and medium banked turns.

Planned Activities

• Exercises 4-9, 30 in the Flight Training Manual

Reference Material

• FTM (Flight Training Manual)

• Aircraft Information Manual/Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)

• Ground Instruction Notes


• Review the radio communications procedures section of this website.

• Review exercises 4-8 in the FTM and read exercise 9.

• Be able to answer the following questions:

1) What are the forces that are involved in a turn?

2) What is the definition of a coordinated turn? What causes adverse yaw in a turn?

3) Name the three categories of turns.

4) As the angle of bank increases, what must you do to maintain level flight? Why?

5) When do we normally begin to level out from a turn?

6) What should your posture be in a turn?

7) Where do we look before, during and after a turn?

• Write down your questions

Tips/Rules of Thumb/Theory

• The amount of back pressure required is directly proportional to the angle of bank (greater angle of bank = more backpressure) in a turn.

All of this information on pilot training and flight training in Canada is also available at www.myflighttraining.ca.