The main study guide for studying the SAMRA and SARON exams is the TP 690E/F. This guide is located here.

Below are the topics which are fairly common to see on the SARON. For the ease of reading and making a point, we have taken the format of Transport Canada’s written examination results forms.


-­‐    Calculate the CG

-­‐    Compute the critical point

-­‐    Define a large aircraft

-­‐    Demonstrate requirement for two way communications

-­‐    Demonstrate the use of the simplified planning chart

-­‐    Describe when reverted rubber hydroplaning can occur

-­‐    Explain the relationship between cigarette smoking and hypoxia

-­‐    Identify anti-­‐skid operating properties

-­‐    Identify carbon monoxide facts

-­‐    Identify the components of a turbine engine

-­‐    Identify various deicing fluids and their properties

-­‐    Interpret VASIS indications

-­‐    Predict the effects of airframe icing

-­‐    Recall ATC procedures regarding a communications failure within protected airspace  

-­‐    Recall correct transponder codes

-­‐    Recall crew rest requirements

-­‐    Recall jet engine reverse operating principals

-­‐    Recall IFR reporting procedures for approaches and landings at an uncontrolled aerodrome

-­‐    Recall the regulations on take-­‐offs and landings in a built up area

-­‐    Recall the rules that apply to a Class C control zone

-­‐    Recall the use of a phone in flight

-­‐    Recall thunderstorm avoidance flight procedures.

-­‐    Calculate maximum takeoff gross weight.

-­‐    Calculate the buffet boundary limits.

-­‐    Explain the factors affecting hydroplaning.

-­‐    Identify pressurization system components.

-­‐    Recall ETOPS Operations

-­‐    Recall holding speeds

-­‐    Recall minimum fuel procedures

-­‐    Recall windshear recovery techniques

-­‐    Recognize the physical properties of the fire detention systems

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