CRM Introduction

The following guide on Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a very unique part of this website. The CRM resources available on CanPRC are intended for the CP/ATP who fly or are expected to fly two crew in the future. The guide will help give a better understanding to the human interaction between two pilots sharing decisions in the cockpit thus allowing a pilot to become part of a more effective team.

The Human Factors program is in constant evolution. As our industry evolves and technology becomes more and more complex one thing remains the same…the human element. 

Of course, during the last century, there has been a significant change in the attitudes and behaviours of our crew members. One thing that hasn’t changed much, however, is our physiology. We, as humans, are still challenged with our human performance limitations.

CRM training along with each individual’s personal discipline and openness towards understanding and improving are the best tools to maintain and increase a crew’s human performance.

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