Post-Flight Briefing

The post flight debriefing is an opportunity to review with the student how the flight went. A good idea is always to ask what the student thought of the flight; this will give you an opportunity to see what the student’s thought process is like. If their thoughts on the flight are similar to yours, that is good. If not, it is an opportunity for you to reaffirm the standards and make sure everyone is on the same page as to what is expected.

Never skip the post flight debrief! It is human nature to want to be acknowledged for any efforts made, including those made during a flight. Not taking the time to acknowledge the student’s effort gives off the impression that you are ignoring them which is NOT ok. Even if your points are mainly on the constructive side, you are at least giving the student the dignity and acknowledging their efforts. Always follow up by writing a report in the student’s PTR in addition to the post flight briefing.

1. Help the student assess their own performance. Have them write down three positive things and three things they feel need improvement.

2. Review the students own assessments beginning with the positives.

3. Identify all strengths.

4. Identify a maximum of 3 weaknesses and discuss how to better them for the next flight.

5. Answer any questions the student may have.

6. Assign homework as applicable for next flight.

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